Origin Trip to Colombia | October 2017


We have crafted an Origin Trip to Colombia specially designed for the more experienced Roaster Guild member. In addition to farm visits, this trip will include discussions on water activity at origin, the effects of fermentation on coffee and the flavor implications, and the opportunity to learn more about and taste different varieties of coffee.  Participants will also participate in a discussion on the challenges of being a specialty roaster at origin with local coffee roasters, spend time at the Cenicafé research center and variety gardens, take a tour of the Buencafé coffee factory, and will finish off with viewing the regional cupping competitions and Microlot and Estate auctions at the Cafes de Colombia expo in Bogotá.

We are sure that you will find this trip to be an exciting and educational advancement that you will be glad you attended. It will give you the opportunity to visit various coffee farms and experience the beauty of Colombia in person. In addition, this trip will provide an opportunity for you to share experiences with fellow members on both a personal and professional level.