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  • Food Safety: Certification & Compliance for the Coffee Industry | Presenter: Mike Ebert

In January, 2011, a new food safety program was signed into law; the first major restructuring of food safety in the U.S. since the early 1900’s. In this sessions, we will review what steps must be taken in the coffee industry to comply with the new regulations. 

  • Exploring the Roast Evaluation Form | Presenter: Emma Sage

This year, Retreat attendees  will be testing the beta version of the RG/SCAA Roast Evaluation form. Be a part of the process! Emma Sage, science manager at SCAA, along with research analyst Heather Ward, has designed a series of tests to use the form and understand its consistency, accuracy, and ease of use for the roasting community. In this session, we will train together on the form, use it in a few test scenarios with different coffees, and work towards understanding the importance of flavor parameters influenced by roasting. A lecture covering the influence of roasting on different aspects of coffee favor will be included as a portion of this session. We will evaluate the form in for education, QA/QC, and competition settings. Your immediate feedback with be gathered on-site used to improve and refine this beta-tool. Join us to be part of the important development process of this tool and have your input heard!

  • Challenge Cup – “Match or Scratch It”